Madina Baye – Kaolack is home of the Tijjaniya movement the largest Sufi order in West Africa. This spiritual city is melting pot of international students and scholars founded by Sheikh Al-Islam Ibrahim Niass

It’s a gorgeous slice of coastline that includes its own marine national park. In addition to the beautiful coastline and natural endowments, the madrasahs, Ulema and Islamic Swahili heritage are all thriving.

Our location, Travnik, is known as Bosnia’s ‘Open Air Museum’ and includes a charming town centre. The fortified Old Town was once the seat of Bosnia’s Turkish viziers (Ottoman governors).

Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, rich spices, elephants, rolling surf, inexpensive price tags, one of worlds most impressive trains rides, famous tea and rich cuisine make Sri Lanka one of the best places to volunteer abroad.

Coming here is an adventure and exploring its white beaches, jungle and clear waters or meeting with wise-old scholars and reading ancient texts with them is a reward of its own.

The town established as a city of knowledge and religious learning with a ancient and rich scholarly tradition. In Syriac Tillo means holy spirits, so the town has been a religious learning center for more than a millenia.



Did you know ? We donate 100% of our income to the local Madrasahs.